IP Blacklist Test:

The is located in Denver, United States which is owned by SunGard Availability Services LP and its ISP: SunGard Availability Services LP You can find more details about this IP address in the following section.


You can see the detailed result from checking IP ( ) against all known Blacklist Databases in the following.

access.redhawk.org 0.051s OK
b.barracudacentral.org 0.0965s OK
bl.deadbeef.com 0.0686s OK
bl.mailspike.net 0.1146s OK
bl.spamcannibal.org 0.1018s OK
bl.spamcop.net 0.1223s OK
black.junkemailfilter.com 0.0638s OK
blackholes.wirehub.net 0.1035s OK
blacklist.sci.kun.nl 0.0962s OK
blacklist.woody.ch 0.1139s OK
block.dnsbl.sorbs.net 0.0936s OK
blocked.hilli.dk 0.1108s OK
bogons.cymru.com 0.7555s OK
cart00ney.surriel.com 0.0572s OK
cbl.abuseat.org 0.0174s OK
cblless.anti-spam.org.cn 0.9258s OK
cdl.anti-spam.org.cn 0.3766s OK
combined.abuse.ch 0.014s OK
db.wpbl.info 0.1014s OK
dev.null.dk 0.0401s OK
dialup.blacklist.jippg.org 0.1703s OK
dialups.mail-abuse.org 0.0135s OK
dialups.visi.com 0.0421s OK
dnsbl.abuse.ch 0.0234s OK
dnsbl.anticaptcha.net 0.1289s OK
dnsbl.antispam.or.id 0.2949s OK
dnsbl.cyberlogic.net 0.0524s OK
dnsbl.dronebl.org 0.2222s OK
dnsbl.inps.de 0.2343s OK
dnsbl.justspam.org 0.0356s OK
dnsbl.kempt.net 0.7671s OK
dnsbl.sorbs.net 0.0242s OK
dnsbl.tornevall.org 0.0336s OK
dnsbl-1.uceprotect.net 0.0371s OK
dnsbl-2.uceprotect.net 0.0505s OK
dnsbl-3.uceprotect.net 0.0396s OK
drone.abuse.ch 0.0253s OK
duinv.aupads.org 0.1611s OK
dul.dnsbl.sorbs.net 0.1051s OK
dul.ru 0.1319s OK
dyna.spamrats.com 0.1021s OK
dynip.rothen.com 0.11s OK
escalations.dnsbl.sorbs.net 0.0936s OK
hil.habeas.com 0.0616s OK
http.dnsbl.sorbs.net 0.1032s OK
images.rbl.msrbl.net 0.088s OK
intruders.docs.uu.se 0.0206s OK
ips.backscatterer.org 0.133s OK
ix.dnsbl.manitu.net 0.1017s OK
mail-abuse.blacklist.jippg.org 0.2691s OK
misc.dnsbl.sorbs.net 0.1149s OK
msgid.bl.gweep.ca 0.0923s OK
new.dnsbl.sorbs.net 0.0233s OK
no-more-funn.moensted.dk 0.1082s OK
noptr.spamrats.com 0.0232s OK
ohps.dnsbl.net.au 0.0072s OK
old.dnsbl.sorbs.net 0.0207s OK
omrs.dnsbl.net.au 0.0051s OK
opm.tornevall.org 0.1348s OK
orvedb.aupads.org 0.1224s OK
osps.dnsbl.net.au 0.005s OK
osrs.dnsbl.net.au 0.0064s OK
owfs.dnsbl.net.au 0.0064s OK
owps.dnsbl.net.au 0.0063s OK
pbl.spamhaus.org 0.028s OK
phishing.rbl.msrbl.net 1.5927s OK
probes.dnsbl.net.au 0.0042s OK
proxy.bl.gweep.ca 0.0295s OK
proxy.block.transip.nl 0.1028s OK
psbl.surriel.com 0.0538s OK
pss.spambusters.org.ar 1.3213s OK
rbl.interserver.net 0.017s OK
rbl.schulte.org 0.03s OK
rbl.snark.net 0.101s OK
rdts.dnsbl.net.au 0.0041s OK
recent.dnsbl.sorbs.net 0.0945s OK
relays.bl.gweep.ca 0.017s OK
relays.bl.kundenserver.de 0.028s OK
relays.nether.net 0.0449s OK
residential.block.transip.nl 0.0946s OK
ricn.dnsbl.net.au 0.0049s OK
rmst.dnsbl.net.au 0.0052s OK
rsbl.aupads.org 0.1653s OK
sbl.spamhaus.org 0.115s OK
short.rbl.jp 0.1854s OK
smtp.dnsbl.sorbs.net 0.0505s OK
socks.dnsbl.sorbs.net 0.0933s OK
spam.abuse.ch 0.0138s OK
spam.dnsbl.sorbs.net 0.0234s OK
spam.olsentech.net 0.1063s OK
spam.rbl.msrbl.net 0.0881s OK
spam.spamrats.com 0.0636s OK
spamguard.leadmon.net 0.0205s OK
spamlist.or.kr 0.1984s OK
spamsources.fabel.dk 0.1008s OK
t3direct.dnsbl.net.au 0.0062s OK
tor.dnsbl.sectoor.de 0.1559s OK
torserver.tor.dnsbl.sectoor.de 0.0463s OK
ubl.lashback.com 0.0204s OK
ubl.unsubscore.com 0.0521s OK
virbl.bit.nl 0.1075s OK
virus.rbl.jp 0.1876s OK
virus.rbl.msrbl.net 0.0877s OK
web.dnsbl.sorbs.net 0.0248s OK
xbl.spamhaus.org 0.0275s OK
zen.spamhaus.org 0.1039s OK
zombie.dnsbl.sorbs.net 0.023s OK