All About IP Address FAQ

IP Address FAQ

1. Why my IP Address is Blacklisted?

There are people who send spam emails for various purposes especially advertising. For this reason, there are organizations that blacklist those IPs that send the unsolicited emails. As an internet user, your IP address is assigned by your ISP and the IP is used by many other users. You may not the one who send spam email but it is already blacklisted because there was someone else do spamming.

2. What should I Do when My IP Address is Blacklisted?

(1) Internet User
For internet users, you may experience that some forum sites are not allowing you to register or block your forum chart because they detected that your IP is in blacklist databases. If it is the case, you will find this solutions: How to Change IP Address / Hide IP Address very useful. On the other hand, if you don’t counter any problem, there is nothing to worry about the blacklist.

(2) Website Owner
It is very important if you are the website owner who hosts your site on the IP which is blacklisted. Your email will be marked as spam when sending to your users and blacklist status could also affect your website SEO. If it is your case, you should read this guide: How to Remove Your Website's IP from Blacklist.

3. How to Find an IP Address of a Website?

You can use both command line and web based tool. Using web based tool is better than command line while it provides more information including ISP, Organization and location.

  1. Click on this link Website To IP Address
  2. Type domain name in the Lookup box, then press Enter

Wait few seconds, you will got the result including IP address, its Geo-location and other related information.

4. How Do I Hide My IP Address?

These are the two common ways to hide your IP address: (1) Web Based Proxy Server and (2) Virtual Private Network (VPN).
Learn more for full instruction.

5. How Do I Change My IP Address?

There are several ways that could change your IP address. You can change both private and public IP address. (1) Unplug the modem (2)Contact the ISP (3) Virtual Private Network.

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