How To Remove Your Website's IP From Blacklist


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There are people who send spam emails to random email addresses for various purposes especially advertising. For this reason, there are companies that blacklist these websites'IP that send the spam emails.

Basically, the IP address of your website will be blacklisted if you are detected to send spam email to random addresses. There are many reasons that could make your website's IP blacklisted in anti-spam:

  • Your website is hosted a shared hosting server which hosts hundreds of websites on an shared IP address. It could be that there is a different website on the same server, which is sending the spam emails.
  • The IP address is already blacklisted. IP address could be used many before and there was someone do spamming. His website is closed down, then IP will be available. When you bought your hosting, that IP is assigned to you.
  • Someone might have hacked into your website and they are sending the spam email to the random email addresses.


Every blacklist database will have its customized conditions for waning IP addresses, and gathering the spam websites. The listing options will depend on the operator and what they wish to apply. Those blacklisting criteria might include a number of listing such as:

Technical Listings

These will mostly occur from the configuration issues on the mail server. They include incorrect or missing reveres records of the DNS. They could be a mail server that runs within a suspected range of an IP address.

Evidence Based Listings

These ones are those that the operator has received an indirect or direct evidence that there is an IP address that sends spam emails.

Policy Listings

These are set on the basis of the operator, who does not want to receive email from specific ISP or countries that is known to ignore the users unsubscribe option.


When you detected that your website's IP have been blacklisted and you want to reverse it. You first need to ensure that the mail server and network have been configured accordingly. You should also need to check that all the details that are needed for the remedy are correct. This should be according to the prescription of the blacklist. Here are other things that you would want to check before the reverse process.

  • Ensure you have scanned all your computers connected to the blacklisted IP address to find out if there is any virus.
  • Ensure that any errors have been fixed, and that any needed update has been made on the network or the computers.
  • Customize the routers to be more secure to prectect from intruders from accessing your servers.

These will help you to get ready for the blacklist removal process.


Once you have fixed the errors and other hitches on your side. Next, go to the blacklist websites and follow their guidelines. Here are the blacklist removal options:

Self-service Removal

You could find some blacklists that offer self-service removal option. These features allow you to remove your IP address from the blacklists by yourself. Make sure that you to resolve all the detected issues before request the removal. If your website's IP is blacklisted again, it may get a lifetime blacklisting.

Always use friendly language when requesting for removal. They only want to pretect the users from spam emails and stop spammer from the Web.

Time-Based Removal

The majority of the blacklists have a built-in and works automatically. Usually, for light offending IP addresses can be removed in one or two weeks. On the other hand, if your IP address sent spam email too many times, it will take a longer time. Basically, the less offending, the shorter the IP will be blacklisted.

You might have been on the blacklist for a while, and it could be because of your fault, or someone else’s. Whichever the case, you can get out of it, as long as you are disciplined.