IP Blacklist Test:

The is located in , France which is owned by OVH SAS and its ISP: OVH SAS You can find more details about this IP address in the following section.


You can see the detailed result from checking IP ( ) against all known Blacklist Databases in the following.

access.redhawk.org 0.0419s OK
b.barracudacentral.org 0.032s OK
bl.deadbeef.com 0.0697s OK
bl.mailspike.net 0.1201s OK
bl.spamcannibal.org 6.0083s OK
bl.spamcop.net 0.0624s OK
black.junkemailfilter.com 0.0386s OK
blackholes.wirehub.net 0.1254s OK
blacklist.sci.kun.nl 0.1256s OK
blacklist.woody.ch 0.128s OK
block.dnsbl.sorbs.net 0.002s OK
blocked.hilli.dk 0.1438s OK
bogons.cymru.com 0.0884s OK
cart00ney.surriel.com 0.0743s OK
cbl.abuseat.org 0.1655s OK
cblless.anti-spam.org.cn 0.2717s OK
cdl.anti-spam.org.cn 0.2782s OK
combined.abuse.ch 0.0041s OK
db.wpbl.info 0.0027s OK
dev.null.dk 0.1242s OK
dialup.blacklist.jippg.org 0.1325s OK
dialups.mail-abuse.org 0.042s OK
dialups.visi.com 0.0384s OK
dnsbl.abuse.ch 0.0022s OK
dnsbl.anticaptcha.net 0.159s OK
dnsbl.antispam.or.id 0.0466s OK
dnsbl.cyberlogic.net 0.0465s OK
dnsbl.dronebl.org 0.2958s OK
dnsbl.inps.de 0.0384s OK
dnsbl.justspam.org 0.1362s OK
dnsbl.kempt.net 0.0555s OK
dnsbl.sorbs.net 0.0064s OK
dnsbl.tornevall.org 0.6113s OK
dnsbl-1.uceprotect.net 0.0024s OK
dnsbl-2.uceprotect.net 0.0035s OK
dnsbl-3.uceprotect.net 0.1308s OK
drone.abuse.ch 0.0046s OK
duinv.aupads.org 0.1736s OK
dul.dnsbl.sorbs.net 0.002s OK
dul.ru 0.3417s OK
dyna.spamrats.com 0.0441s OK
dynip.rothen.com 0.1331s OK
escalations.dnsbl.sorbs.net 0.0033s OK
hil.habeas.com 0.0448s OK
http.dnsbl.sorbs.net 0.1326s OK
images.rbl.msrbl.net 0.1087s OK
intruders.docs.uu.se 0.0394s OK
ips.backscatterer.org 0.0018s OK
ix.dnsbl.manitu.net 0.1319s OK
mail-abuse.blacklist.jippg.org 0.1489s OK
misc.dnsbl.sorbs.net 0.1262s OK
msgid.bl.gweep.ca 0.1123s OK
new.dnsbl.sorbs.net 0.1231s OK
no-more-funn.moensted.dk 0.1391s OK
noptr.spamrats.com 0.0037s OK
ohps.dnsbl.net.au 0.0098s OK
old.dnsbl.sorbs.net 0.0027s OK
omrs.dnsbl.net.au 0.0113s OK
opm.tornevall.org 0.3514s OK
orvedb.aupads.org 0.1721s OK
osps.dnsbl.net.au 0.0202s OK
osrs.dnsbl.net.au 0.0113s OK
owfs.dnsbl.net.au 0.0134s OK
owps.dnsbl.net.au 0.0094s OK
pbl.spamhaus.org 0.1462s OK
phishing.rbl.msrbl.net 0.1067s OK
probes.dnsbl.net.au 0.0116s OK
proxy.bl.gweep.ca 0.1133s OK
proxy.block.transip.nl 0.1181s OK
psbl.surriel.com 0.0713s OK
pss.spambusters.org.ar 1.6419s OK
rbl.interserver.net 0.055s OK
rbl.schulte.org 0.0522s OK
rbl.snark.net 0.0423s OK
rdts.dnsbl.net.au 0.0106s OK
recent.dnsbl.sorbs.net 0.119s OK
relays.bl.gweep.ca 0.0391s OK
relays.bl.kundenserver.de 0.0366s OK
relays.nether.net 0.0021s OK
residential.block.transip.nl 0.1208s OK
ricn.dnsbl.net.au 0.0093s OK
rmst.dnsbl.net.au 0.0105s OK
rsbl.aupads.org 0.1981s OK
sbl.spamhaus.org 0.1522s OK